Simplifying the lives of those with visual and cognitive impairments

Facial Recognition

Recognizes faces from a pre-loaded database and provides auditory memory prompts upon command

Discrete Feedback

Relays facial identification results back to the user via earbuds, hearing aids, or other discrete auditory devices

Easy SMS Input

Simple text-based system of inputting new faces and names into the facial recognition database

Provider Analytics

Sends healthcare providers regular reports on the patient's cognitive state

Pill Reminders

Prompts the patient to take their pills at specified times. Other reminders, such as appointment alerts, can be easily added as well.


Our tech could help more than just the disabled

Sleek Design

We'd like to see our technology integrated in a more discreet, minimalist design. We could 3D print a sleek pair of camera-equipped glasses with headphones, or even make it an iPhone app that could be used from a distance.

Social Media Integration

Pulling pictures, names, and other information about friends from social media networks can make building the user's database of recognized faces even easier.

Augmented Interactions

Ever had someone's name stuck on the tip of your tongue? You could use our technology to enhance your in-person social networking skills by quickly identifying a person and receiving key discussion topics such as their career information and their favorite hobbies.

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This is a student hackathon project made for HackRice 2017.